Beauty in simplicity, a new city landmark
A new landmark of Shinjuku in metropolitan Tokyo
CONCIERIA NISHI-SHINJUKU TOWER’S WEST, with 44 stories above ground, is the highest residential building *1 in Shinjuku. The property boasts the private open space for public use *2 filled with green and variety of common facilities. It also provides space for shops, offices and a clinic between the 1st and 4th basement, independent from the residential floors. This soaring tower will fulfill your urban lifestyle in the heart of Tokyo.

*1. The highest condominium in Shinjuku ward. (As of October 2007; Research by Industrial Marketing Consultants Co., Ltd.)
*2. The private open space for public use consists of pedestrian space and plaza space.

A handsome figure with green in perfect harmony with the cityscape
CONCIERIA NISHI-SHINJUKU TOWER’S WEST sought its elegance and harmony with the skyscraping cityscape of Nishi-Shinjuku. The white basal color of the exterior coordinates with the overall simple design. The genuine stone-finished wall for lower floors creates stateliness and dignity. The rooftop design adopts a symbolic shape in solid black to give a clear contrast in appearance. The balconies placed all around the building will enable evacuation to the next door in case of fire as well as preventing broken glasses from falling to the ground in case of earthquakes. The luxuriant trees planted in the private open space adds a pleasant touch to the cityscape.

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*Appearance (photo taken in March 2008)

*Appearance (photo taken in March 2008)
Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates Design and supervision KISHO KUROKAWA  Since the establishment of Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates in 1962, Kisho Kurokawa has advocated the concepts of Symbiosis, Metabolism and many others. His architectural designs were implemented in 20 countries where he gained worldwide acclaim. Key works in Japan include National Museum of Ethnology, Okinawa Prefectural Government Office, Oita Stadium and The National Art Center, Tokyo. Key works in overseas include Japanese-German Center Berlin (Germany), Pacific Tower (France), Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Malaysia) and New Wing of the Van Gogh Museum (Netherlands).  National Art Center, Tokyo (Photo by Hiroshi Kobayashi) Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Photo by Tomio Ohashi)
Facilities filled with hospitality
The facilities include "Cascade Hall" with grating windows and serene waterscape, "Guest Room" offering hospitality, "Swimming Pool" available all year round and "Fitness/Machine Gym" for your health.
* Guest Room, Japanese Room, Swimming Pool, Fitness/Machine Gym, Bathroom (Spa & Sauna) and Music Room are available with fees.
To use the facilities, there are certain restrictions, and reservations may be required.
Interior space that you spend most of your time should be functional and sophisticated
*Furniture and daily necessities are not provided.  *Including parts of optional facilities to choose from (fee required). (Photo taken in December 2007)
*Appearance (Photo taken in March 2008)

STUDIO~1LDK    PLAN  37.02m2~55.16m2 ROOM PLAN

Excellent amenities
Parking space directly accessible via exclusive elevator
The car/motorcycle parking space directly accessible through elevators from residential floors is built on the 2nd and 3rd basement for your convenience. It will prevent you, your car/motorcycle and your personal belongings from being exposed to rain. There is also an underground bicycle parking space directly accessible through exclusive elevator from the 1st floor.
Parking space directly accessible via exclusive elevator

24-hour concierge service
A concierge service is available for your convenience to enhance the quality of everyday life.
Staff members are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the privilege to serve you for a wide range of services.
24-hour concierge service

Reception services, Agency services, Referral services

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